Rental Prices

  • We offer rental gear for all of your diving needs. From Snorkel Gear to Stage Bottles, We rent what we sell. We proudly offer Aqualung products in our rental department Here are just SOME of the items we have for rental:
    Tank (AL80) $9.00
    BCD $13.00
    BCD with Reg $23.00
    Regulator w/octo & gauges $15.00
    Weights # $.80#
    Weight Belt $2.00
    Wetsuit $15.00
    Hood/Vest) $5.00
    Dive Computer $25.00
    Dive Flag $5.00
    Mask $8.00
    Snorkel $5.00
    Snorkel with Mask $11.00
    Mask,Snorkel,Fins $17.00
    Fins $11.00
    Boots $6.00
    Gloves $5.00
    Dive Light $10.00
    Snorkel-life Vest $5.00
    Compass $3.50
    *Other Rentals available upon request.
    *Equipment rental is on a first come, first serve basis.
    *Qualified diver certification required for tanks, bcd/regulators.